Robot Targets are a great innovation in field target design. Often robot targets are unsuitable for the field, many are simply to heavy, lack endurance and have a high center of gravity. This mean you or your men will need to stop your sniper weapon practice, drive down the range to the robots and stand up a very heavy target. I know having done this many times. Each time you do this you waste 30 mins to an hour.

The only alternative is to use them on prepared surfaces, but what does this mean to your snipers or marksman? that’s simple. The robot target become predictable “boring”. What you really need is to have robots that can go anywhere. Our GR heavy armour tracked robot has been designed to go anywhere, to carry light smart targets, to carry large zero targets out to 3 km, to carry heavy steel targets over sand dunes and marshy ground.

The GR Sniper Robot has been designed to operate for extended periods using a combination of hybrid energy systems. This robot has the ability to operate all day and night without a recharge, it can also be fitted with hot swap batteries.

This robot will be finished testing very soon. It will then be tested by specialist Military and Police units.

A fully detailed product page will be listed soon.