Robots Your Competitive Advantage


We have been building robots for over 20 years developing a range of worker robots to make Australian Business more cost competitive in this Global age.

Australia’s new competitive advantage is through the use of smart robots working with humans.


Ralph Koch – Robotics Engineer


Over the years, I’ve developed a deep understanding about what makes a good robot. It starts with Keeping it Simple.

Our Team


Let’s face it to make great robots you need a team.

Working with client needs Guerrilla Robotics have built a unique team who have developed the skills to build amazing robots. The team at Guerrilla Robotics will work hard to build and finish your Robots to a very high standard.

Our Team:

  • Business contact team 
  • Robot designer
  • CNC shop
  • Composite material design and manufacturing shop  
  • Aluminium and Steel fabrication Shop
  • Electrical engineer
  • Radio engineers – Mesh, RF and WIFI
  • Battery and Hybrid energy systems engineer
  • Specialist paint and surface coating engineer



Paying it Forward


A desire to create and provide off-road wheel chair robotic bases that allow disabled children, adults and our ex servicemen with a platform that enables them to travel freely.

To enable a disabled child to drive up the beach with dad and go fishing, for an injured serviceman go camping with his kids. For those people trapped in a wheelchair to just explore the great Aussie outback.

Current Wheelchairs do not deliver and have failed to evolve to support our kids and adults confined to a chair, we can do better.

What we learn from robotic platform development is being used to develop a light-weight modular long endurance wheelchair platform at a price families can afford. 

There are several test platforms on the scrap heap, with more testing to get a platform light enough to lift into a car and durable enough to travel up deep sandy beaches.

Is it Easy No, is it worth it very much, watch this space.