Farm Robots are becoming the hard working farm hands that are helping Australian farmers to become competitive on a Global stage. At times it can be very difficult to find staff and this is where robotic workers make a really big difference, they will do the dull, dangerous or dirty jobs and allow your skilled human staff to focus on high value tasks.



If you want more information on implementing robotics on your farm please contact us.

Guerrilla Robotics designs and builds a range of Farm Robots that provide simple cost saving measures.

These include:

  • Animal feeding robots
  • Crop spraying
  • Robot lawn mowers
  • Weeding robots

Guerrilla Robotics will Provide advice about what is possible and how this can be introduced to your farm in a staged approach.

Just consider the time spent mowing or the long term dangers to your family, staff and yourself when spraying toxic chemicals.

Your robot workers can work day and night mowing orchards, vineyards and fields. Your robots can start spraying in the early hours of dawn long before the wind picks up or late in the evening when the wind drops.

Robot workers can operate for as little as $3.00 per hr. The payback period on spraying or weeding robots can be as short as 3 months.  

Guerrilla Robotics also consults with offshore robotic companies to import world class robotic technology and provide the support architecture such as high band width Mesh data radios that can provide robot control systems, HD video and and confidence to operate a dozen robots from the comfort of your kitchen or your mobile office the Land Cruiser.  

You might start with a 100kg 1m long robot that can mow lawns, carry a 500L spray tank and can be fitted with a range of other tools or maybe the GR-ATV.

You may also need a robot just a little bigger

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