Military Robots

Robots Tailored to Your Units Needs

Military Robots designed to support combat units. Guerrilla Robotics is a ex serviceman owned and operated robotic company, with over 20 years of experience working in combat environments from dry deserts to deep  thick jungles, snow capped mountains to vast open ocean.

We have worked in all environments and with all types of combat units. Loads may vary but the need to carry a heavy pack remains consistent. Soldiers Patrol in with packs full of heavy gear and rations to a remote OP for a 3 week mission or maybe a SF mission young men bounding out of a helo moving quickly across 5km of complex terrain to a target, conducting a short 3 hour time sensitive targeting mission on enemy compounds. The one thing that never changes is soldiers carry to much gear. Heavy packs, armour and weapons make them vulnerable to enemy elements who carry only a rifle and a couple of mags. 

Heavy Machine Guns and ammo, Anti Armour Weapons and heavy breaching equipment can consume many men to carry this gear to target. This load will often leave troops exhausted before they get on target.

Post target or mission you may have to extract to a remote site to enable the safe extraction of your men, equipment, injured soldiers and any enemy men or equipment that has been captured.

One injured soldier who needs to be carried in a litter will require a minimum of four soldiers to carry him and another two to carry his gear. Who is left to protect your men from attack? Moving at a slow 1km per hour your men are now vulnerable from enemy attack.  

One GR Combat Robot can carry your Heavy Machine Gun and ammo to the target. It can remotely move to an over-watch position providing you with ISR vision from day / night cameras. It can provide support fire protected by our modular lightweight combat armour. Fitted with combat dummies it will draw enemy fire. Your Combat Robot is controlled by you and can stream live video to support elements.

Should you need to extract an injured soldier, your Combat Robot can carry its weapons and at least two soldiers over very rough terrain, moving at a fast jogging pace for up to 12 hours and even longer if using one of our hybrid smart energy systems.  Amphibious Combat Robots can also swim across creeks and rivers.  

Robots will not replace soldiers, they will assist them to be more combat effective. Guerrilla Robotics develops modular Robots that can be fitted with Targets when training for the mission, weapons, camera, IED or chemical sensors to conduct the mission and casualty litters or stretchers to get your men or sensitive equipment to the extraction site enabling the rest of the section to provide security. 


Robot Services

Designed for Your Needs

Guerrilla Robotics offer a wide variety of robotic design and services to meet your needs. If you need a service that isn’t listed here, contact me. I’ve worked on a variety of unique projects.

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