Robot Product Line

Robots Suitable For Multiple





  • GR-inspection robot
  • GR-Trunkbot, small resupply robot
  • GR-MU1, multi-use 6×6 robot 
  • GR-MUT, 6×6 target robot
  • GR-ATV, ATV robot kit


GR-Inspection robot

The inspection robot range, small medium and large wheeled or tracked robots. The GR- Inspection robots are built to withstand the harsh conditions found in underground mining or the thick sticky mud, corrosive gases and knee deep water encountered in under ground sewers. They all come standard with explosive blast proof high tech paint as found on military vehicles. 

Do you need a military chemical or IED testing robot.

Do you need your robot to be invisible to a range of sensor’s including visual, thermal IR, radar.

Do you need your robot to stream live video and data > 100km as it conducts its analysis.   

Do you need a robot built tough to insert by parachute load follow, helicopter under-sling or belay fast insertion from a helicopter or from small boat swimming to shore.

Do you need to control your inspection robot from an aircraft or firm base by long range communication link, conduct your mission in real-time with only milli-second delay. Once the mission is finished tell it to autonomously move to it’s extraction site. We also have inspection robots built to a price to consider them disposable, leave the robot behind or destroy once contaminated.      


GR-Trunkbot, small resupply robot

Trunk-bot is built as a lightweight tough resupply robot to provide military units with a small light affordable logistics robot that can carry 1 – 2 standard military trunks across rough surfaces. Move trunks from your airhead to sub-units all day and night. Resupply troops in contact. This little robot can follow planned routes with 2 cm accuracy, operate for up to 8 hours.



GR-MU1, multi-use 6×6 robot 

Long range modular Robot.  Autonomous route following using Milspec equipment.  Built to carry loads for the infantry section, can be fitted with light smart targets or heavy steel target, this robot can travel over very rough difficult terrain. Multiple power options allowing you to operate this target robot for over 12 hours”. The GR-MU1 also makes an outstanding farm robot towing farm mowers and spray units.



GR-ATV, ATV robot kit

GR-ATV autonomous vehicle.  Built to carry Special Forces. this robot can travel over very rough difficult terrain. Dismount and send your ATV to your preferred location or even use it as a distraction.