“Hello team, keeping a close eye on your robots. You guy’s keep up the good work. looking forward to testing your tracked robot”

Robot watch dog, John, 



Whats New at Guerrilla Robotics

“Coming soon our heavy weight long range Armoured Sniper Target Robot. Finial testing of long range autonomous tracking is underway.  Built to carry light smart targets or heavy steel target, this robot can travel over very rough difficult terrain. Multiple power options allowing you to operate this target robot for over 12 hours”

R&D Team, GBOT, Guerrilla Robotics Company

“Testing the GR ATV robot ATV kit. Developed to meet the needs of Special Forces Mobility Operations. We continue to refine this product with our long range robot communication link  ”

R&D Team, GBOT, Guerrilla Robotics Company

“Robot Lawn mowers and Robot Flails. Operate on extreme terrain with low CG robot lawn mowers, built to be operated with remote control or programmed routes.     ”

R&D Team, GBOT, Guerrilla Robotics Company

“Do you need a light 6×6 all terrain high speed target robot base. The GR MU1 6×6 multi use robot target base. This robot has been designed around the fighting section, load it with section stores and work it all day long or fit one of the many target options and use it on any formed or improvised range, even those with deep sand. The GR MU1 6X6 can be easily transport in a normal SUV or military vehicle. Will fit in a Black Hawk or MRH 90 helicopter. It can easily be lifted into a RIB or medium size work-boat!”

Business Contact Team, Matt, Guerrilla Robotics Company