The GR-MUT-Tracked farm robot makes a very robust tracked spray unit or small utility vehicle for the farm, it can carry several hundred kilograms, the GR-MUT can also tow a range of farm machinery and also the standard ATV or vehicle trailers.

Do you need to feed the stock in the top paddock but have pressing matters that need your attention. Have you considered a Farm Robot. The  GR-MUT-Tracked or Wheeled Robots can travel autonomously up the hill to your top paddock to feed your livestock. Yes gates can be a challenge but the GR-BOT can even open and close gates with our proprietary smart farm systems.  

The Smart Farm System knows where your gates are and even where your livestock are as they move, the GR-BOT can move autonomously to its target location. Once there it can conduct a programmed task or send you a text, you can then view your livestock via on board cameras and choose a task, such as feed the livestock or move them to a new paddock.

The GR-BOT can record herd health or act as a relay to send information to the farm base station. The GR-BOT can work day and night and in any weather condition. The GR-MUT-Tracked robot can move over terrible terrain, muddy, sandy, thick grass and cross water.

Need to keep an eye on your valuable breeding stock, the GR-MUT can operate all night without a recharge. Fit the GR-MUT with optical recognition for pests, animal stress sensors and a Night Vision or thermal Camera on a mast and keep a lookout for wild dogs or even livestock thief’s. The GR-MUT will stand guard over your animals, it can follow them day and night, it can be activated to guard mode by the sensors and then send you a text, email or alarm. This allows you to monitor your livestock by camera and choose a response.

We can fit the GR-MUT with a range of responses, record the situation for the police, move aggressively towards wild dogs using verbal prompts, lights, and LRADS to disrupt them. Fire air cannons at dogs or birds. The GR-MUT can also be fitted with remote control weapons systems. 

The GR-MUT can operate for as little $3.00 per hour, they are more affordable then you realise and can have a payback period of only months depending on your requirements. Robots only need regular maintainance, they will work all day and night and any shift you want without complaint, want to spray crops at 3 am, this is no longer a problem. All GR-Robots are built to be farm repairable.