The MUT has proven to be a very robust and Tuff Tracked Robot, Currently under going rigorous testing in our Perth R&D facility we a clocking up hundreds of hours on this little robot.

As with all products built by team GBot we try to test to destruction so our valued clients don’t . The MUT has proven to be very adept at negotiating deep sand for hours on end all while loaded with a range of application modules.

Perth has also experience some unseasonably hot weather, this has helped us to provide additional heat stress to the MUTs internals electronics. Happy to say all went well. The robots we build must be prepared to operate in upto 50 – 60 degress celsius because these are the conditions found in Australian Mining and by our young men and women in the Defence Force.

If you want a robot to patrol an airstrip in the North of Australia or the Middle East in Summer our robots are built for these conditions.

The MUT has also worn a deep track in the paddock as we test different autonomous autopilots and GPS combinations. Our farming clients want accuracy and a reliable, repeatable robot that can conduct spraying, weeding and a range of other specific tasks with the certainty that the MUT will not destroy crops or valuable infrastructure such as irrigation.  The MUT is becoming very well behaved, in addition to a range of outdoor and indoor GPS solutions. Team GBOT are looking at additional (AI) or machine learning optical recognition systems to further improve the MUT’s accuracy and reliability for a range of different clients.

Where can the MUT go? well a lot further than we thought possible. The MUT has a very LOW CG and depending on the application module or load fitted to the MUT, it is possible to traverse very steep terrain. 

                                     military tracked multi-use robot


Looking for a reliable hard working section robot to carry heavy weapons, mortars, your sections field packs or operational specific equipment, consider the GR-MUT-Tracked Robot it can even swim. 


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